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Sairus Grei

25 лет    
Ульяновск, Россия

16 Апреля 2015 в 14:12

Words can deceive and easily hurt soul to anyon...

Words can deceive and easily hurt soul to anyone if the person trusting. I lied to myself that I do not like you lately ... but had only to look at you, I understand that I love you more and more than ever.

I love you, but this is a farewell letter farewell .... because I do not want to suffer and to believe in what we are still together, although it is very difficult to accept. And I'll take it even after writing. Write a letter, knowing that you do not you come to my page and probably never, not read. Cheeks flow my tears.

I learned to live after all these years for you and in this time realized that to you, I have not lived and existed.

I understand that your love for me has cooled. My heart is broken down by sex.

You know ... I love you and will love you, but I'm talking about last time. You'll always be in my dreams, my beloved princess.

It's hard to believe that you have forgotten me and we became each one chuzhimi.Sovershenno strangers.

I still thank God for what you have. For what he gave you this nothing more than an irreplaceable life. And you say thank you for the days you gave me. For the fact that you invited me to meet. You gave me my first love, learn to love, to suffer, smile through tears, be strong. Because of you I learned to see the world through different eyes, as if lifted rose-colored glasses. Learned to stand on his feet firmly, so as not to stumble.

I hope that you find or have found happiness called love. A guy who will give you love and happiness.

I love you just like that. Just for that you have on this earth. You stopped loving me, but despite this I still love you and suffer. I'll be happy knowing that you're with someone happy.

Live, my favorite ... Live life and be happy ... because it is beautiful ... Even when the tears flow down her cheeks

Goodbye ...

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